Asked by Mr.zak from UAE | Jun. 24, 2010 04:30
About:China Embassy in India

Where do I can Apply for ( Z-Visa invitation letter) for my wife in Guangzhou , I have work permit and residnce permit too.

she is in UAE and she can't apply for Z visa with out sending her ( Z-Visa invitation letter)from china.

anyone can help please

thank you all

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Answered by Ms.JABAROOTOO from China | Jun. 24, 2010 09:46
If you post your application you must use a Money Order from the Post office.

The reference to the credit card and personal cheques is only relevant if you are paying in person in Canberra or at one of other the offices that are now open in capital cities.
Answered by Ms.JABAROOTOO from China | Jun. 24, 2010 09:50
Apologies that my last post was in the wrong place.

Your wife can only apply for a Z visa for China if she has been offered a job. If she is coming to join you then she must apply for a tourist visa (L) which she can then convert to a Residency Permit as a spouse because you have a Z visa

All the best.
Answered by Mr.zak from UAE | Jun. 24, 2010 22:30
Thank you MS.Jabarootoo for reply.

it is now allowed in guangzhou to convert (L)visa to residence permit,

we most apply for invetation letter, send it to her and apply in my country only.

(I want to know where to apply for invetation letter only), any one can help please ??
Answered by Mr.Simon | Jun. 25, 2010 22:01
You can ask your employer to issue a visa notification letter to your wife which specify the relationship between you and your wife, the stay duration, etc.
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