Asked by Mr.Buhan from US | Jun. 21, 2010 22:49
About:China Embassy in U.S.A.

I am interested in applying for a visa for 2 years with multiple entry. I am an American Born Chinese. My mother was born in Shanghai and left in 1949 and is now an american citizen. My father is american. My mother's brother and sisters still live in China. I would like to live in China for 2 years to get to know them, learn the language and take care of them. My uncle lives in Shanghai. He is 82 and has prostate cancer. He is married but his wife is also in her 80's and she can not lift him and take care of him. I would like to go there and live with them and learn about my heritage and culture. They do not have children of their own to take care of them. My mother is in good health and travels to Shanghai to visit every year. How do you suggest that I apply for a 2 year visa? Would this be a "L" and should I include letters from my Uncle and Mother? At the very least I was going to include my Uncle's citizen number. Please advise how to fill out application.

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Answered by Mr.Mike from USA | Jun. 23, 2010 21:31
The most important documents for you to apply for multiple-entry visa valid for 24 months is the relationship certificate between you and your uncle, please get it first.
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