Asked by Mr.obama from nigeria | May. 21, 2010 18:01
About:China Tourist Visa

pls can any body help me out here((((((((((((((((((((((((((

dear sir,i am a Nigerian citizen studying for masters degree in the peoples university Moscow....i got married to Chinese girl whom we study together in the same university.....we went to the embassy and asked them can we get married here in moscow and they said yes all is we need to do is to get marriage certificate and other documents......after 3months we provided all document the visa officers asked us to bring.....well after going through zacks process and getting the marriage certificate,legalization and other required documents been provided to us by the embassy officer at the last minute to get the L VISA she changed her mind she said wont give me visiting visa from Moscow because they never seen such case where by Chinese and Nigerian got married in Moscow before its there first time of dealing with such a case....but they said to us at first before we got married that its our right to get L VISA and its in the Chinese policy...and all we need to do is to provide marriage certificate and legalization and translation of all documents..we feel so sad because we spend a lot of money been to so many offices at least12...its took us 3months to all this document and we are not perfect in speaking Russian language...well such a sad story well i really wanna visit the parent of my wife just like she visited my parents and siblings country 4months ago January 2010..can anybody help us out my wife needs every month medical treatment as pregnant woman in china and we really wanna celebrate our marriage in china with my wifes family.... i will really appreciate your help.

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Answered by Mr.HELPER from China | May. 21, 2010 22:40
Sorry to hear that, I think you may turn to the Nigeria Embassy in Moscow for help if there is one there.
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