Asked by Ms.Elsa from Malaysia | Jan. 26, 2010 02:40
About:Jiuzhaigou National Park

my friends and i will travel to chengdu on 20/09/10 - 27/09/10, the time that we arrive chengdu airport is about 11pm, so i am thikning to take the earliest flight on 21/09 to Jiu Zhai Gou which can save time for travel by bus. unfortunately the air ticket is about RNB1080, will it be expsnive or it just standard price? the period of we travel isit the peak season? so should we book the air ticketn now? we plan to spend 3 days 2 nights in jiuzhaigou and hualong national park, is that enough of time?
this is my temporary itinerary:
20/09 - reach chengdu at 11pm
21/09 - Huanglong national park
22/09 - jiuzhaigou
23/09 - jiuzhaigou / chengdu
24/09 - visit panda resarch and centre
25/09 - er mei shan / ching cheng shan
26/09 - Chengdu
27/09 - Chengdu
the flight back to malaysia is at 11.55pm, we plan to take bus back from JiZhaigou to Chengdu, do anyone know that the last bus will depart from JiuZhaiGou?

how's is the itinerary? is that ok? where can we spend our time in chengdu? is there enough of time for us travel to Chong Qing? coz i heard that is about 1.5hours journey from Chengdu to Chong Qing right? is there any thing interesting in Chong Qing?

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Answered by Mr.Kai Wen from Italy | Jan. 26, 2010 20:10
Hi Elsa,
Your itinerary looks good to me. That is the normal flight price to Jiuzhaigou but if it is going to get cheaper, about 1 or 2 weeks before the departure is the best time to check. It is not likely to be much cheaper so you might feel more secure if you just book early at that price.
3 days and 2 nights in Jiuzhai, Huanglong is ok. In such a beautiful place 2 or 3 weeks would also be nice - although ticket prices would be a bit much! You would have to buy two entrance tickets to Jiuzhaigou if you want to enter on two days. They have prices etc. There is a 2hr train between Chengdu and Chongqing but book your tickets early as the fast train sells out fast. You could also fly from Jiuzhaigou to Chongqing. In Chongqing there is the Dazu stone carvings that might be of interest. You could also extend your E Mei Shan trip to cover E Mei, Qing cheng Shan and Leshan and spend one day in Chengdu and leave Chongqing for next time.
Answered by Ms.Elsa from Malaysia | Jan. 26, 2010 23:48
Thanks Kai Wen, your reply is much appreciate.
how long should we spend for the trip to E Mei, Qing Cheng Shan and Leshan as you suggested? 2 days 1 night or can be done by day trip? Is it recommended us to stay overnight and catch the sunrise in either E Mei or Qing Cheng Shan?
Thanks :)
Answered by Mr.Kai Wen from Italy | Jan. 27, 2010 22:02
The buses from Jiuzhaigou all leave in the morning time. There are no afternoon buses. There used to be a 1pm one but that has not been available since 2008.
Answered by Mr.Kai Wen from Italy | Jan. 28, 2010 00:40
In Chongqing there are the Dazu stone carvings that might be worth visiting. It might be easier to centre your trip closer to Chengdu and visit Leshan and perhaps Emei Shan.
Those flight prices are the standard full fare prices. They could come down but it doesn't usually happen until the last 2 week or so.
There is now a 2hr train from Chengdu to CQ but you will need to book it in advance because it sells out very quickly.
Answered by Mr.Kai Wen from Italy | Feb. 01, 2010 19:08
I don't know how I managed to reply so many times before! I think for Leshan and Emei you would need at least 2 full days. 3 would be better. Day 1 - Leshan, overnight at Emei. Day 2 Emei, overnight on the mountain, see the sunset and come down on day 3. Qing Chen Shan I'm not too sure how much time but at least one full day.
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