Asked by Mr.Yow from Malaysia | Dec. 25, 2009 02:13
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Do people in Fuzhou speak hokkien a lot like in Malaysia and Singapore?
Not kaliu, min nan that is. Something like "to eat rice" will be "chia peng".

Is June a good time to come to Fuzhou? I remember previously, there were floods and heavy rain.

When one visits Fujian, specifically Fuzhou, will it be like everywhere one would hear hokkien being spoken like in Malaysia or Singapore. When I visited Xiamen not so long ago, I didn't get that sense of hokkienness, where everyone should speak hokkien. More like lots of mandarin and chinese from other provinces. A bit dissappointed, even the tv and radio was not in hokkien. I often asked where was the hokkien; it's supposed to be the home of the hokkien people. But at least the airport had announcements in hokkien, and Xiamen Airlines too.

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Answered by Mr.A from FR | Dec. 29, 2009 01:18
They speak Fuzhou hua here, which is completely different from Fujian/hokkien hua or Minan hua.
And on top of that, depends on where you go, but in many touristic spots, ppl tend to speak more Mandarin than the local dialects.
I don't know why you should be disappointed by that through. However if you want Minan dialect, I advise you to go Tainan or South or Taiwan, where you would hear them speak in Taiwanese (which is pretty similar to Hokkien) almost everywhere (in the south I hear)
Hope this will help.
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