Asked by Mr.wilkins from canada | Nov. 09, 2009 16:09
About:Mt. Lushan National Park

After having visited the P.R.C. 8 times in the last few years, i have spent a great amount of time in Shanghai. I have found this city to be an enchanting place, but i have always asked local people if they knew of a place in the mountains. Finally during my last visit for the National Holiday, i was told of a magical place 12 hours away by train. Lushan Mountain was beyond all my exspectations. This is the China that we never seem to find on the so-called guided tours. The next time you are in the P.R.C., do yourself a favour and visit this jewel of a mountain resort. I promise that you will not be disappointed.

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Answered by Ms.lucy from england | Feb. 28, 2010 06:14
Where did you get the train to in order to get to lushan? Which train station I mean. Can you stay on/near this luchan mountain?
Answered by Mr.Stella | Mar. 02, 2010 01:07

You may take K253/K252 K751/K754 trains from Shanghai South Railway Station to Jiujiang Railway Station. Then you can take No.101 bus to get off at Changhonglijiaoqiao (长虹立交桥), Yanshuiting (烟水亭) or Changtuqichezhan(长途汽车站). You can take the bus at Changhonglijiaoqiao or Changtuqichezhan to Mt. Lushan. The ticket fare is CNY10 to 15. It costs around 70 minutes. After getting off at Yanshuiting, you may find Jiujiang Ferry Terminal. There you can take bus to Mt.Lushan too.
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