Asked by Mrs.traveler from USA | Jul. 28, 2009 18:11
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Hey there!!!

I am going to be traveling to China in August and am worried about the whole quarantine business. Is anyone traveling to China soon or anyone that has just been back from China who may be able to calm my nerves? I wouldn't really have been worried about being quarantined but its just that me and my cousin were going to meet there and are going to be in separate flights. I really don't want to be in a foriegn country on my own. Can anyone give me an idea of how likely it really maybe to get quarantined for a week. We're only going to be there for 13 days and don't want to loose 7 getting stuck in a hotel with no food and bottled water or to get stuck seperated from each other. please help!!

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Answered by Ms.Monika from Spain | Jul. 28, 2009 20:05
Yes, one of my friends has just come back from China a few days ago. According to what she described, it is not that serious. So, please keep calm. After landing, there will be some inspection procedures, but as long as you have no symptom such as high fever, and there is nobody inspected as having the symptom of AH1N1 flu in your flight, then you can leave the airport directly.
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