Asked by Mrs.B from China | Jul. 05, 2009 21:05
About:China Work Visa

I am a holder of Z visa with 2 years contract with my employer which will end 2010 Nov. 22. Normally Z visa is granted for 1 year, my Z visa expired on Nov. 30 2009, and I'm planning to have 15 days vacation going home for my wedding this coming October 2009. Is there anything I should prepare or bring with me so I can also come back to China? Another thing, my employer is holding our Foreigner's ID, he's not even giving it unless we surrender our passport. SO can I exit China with my passport and residence permit in it? Thanks. I badly need infos.

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Answered by Mrs.Joanna | Jul. 06, 2009 01:07
You can exit and came back to China with your residence permit in China, please refer to the relevant info. on this website:
Answered by Mr.B from China | Jul. 06, 2009 04:48
Mrs. Jonna
Your infos are much appreciated. I have one more concern. Is it legal that our employer is holding our Foreign expert certificate, and if we plan to gegt them we need to deposit an amount of money?
Answered by Mrs.Joanna | Jul. 06, 2009 21:22
I'm not sure about it, your employer's conducts may be illegal. I advise you ask the embassy or consulate of your country to help solve this.
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