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About:Song Dynasty

How is the Song Dynasty?

How did the rulers of this dynasty expand or unify China?? What occupations grew and were important during this dynasty?? What products were important during this dynasty?? What belief systmes did they encourage or discourage?? What works of art, literature, or music were important? How did they affect daily life??

Sorry, this is long, but its for a project!

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The first emperor of Song is Zhao Kuangyin. He once was a general of Latter Zhou State, which was one of the ten states in the Five Dynasties and Ten States Period.In the Five Dynasties and Ten States Period, China was not unified.In north China, there were five dynasties and in south China, there were ten states. But they were not powerful enough. Threat did exist among the states and the threat was also from the northern ethnic minorities. One day, the Latter Zhou heard that Northern Han and Qidan people wanted to fight against their country. Then, the general Zhao Kuangyin was asked to defend. On the way, Zhao Kuangyin's subordinates said the emperor of Latter Zhou was too young to dominate the country and they hoped Zhao was crowned. Zhao pretended to be unwilling to accept this request. At this moment, his brother put the emperor's robe on his back and declared Zhao was the emperor.
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