Asked by Mr.Kien from HK | Apr. 07, 2009 03:30
About:Mutianyu Great Wall

Can anyone help with the following pls:
1. How much for a taxi to Mutianyu (or a 7 seater car) and back to Wangfujing.
2. How long does the journey take.
3. Would it be feasible to cover both the Ming Tombs and Mutianyu in the same day.
4. Any idea on costs and time required.

Answers (4)
Answered by Ms.Cora | Apr. 08, 2009 20:40
1. As far as I know, it is about CNY 300 for a single trip from Wangfujing to Mutianyu.
2. The journey takes about two hours if there is no traffic jam.
3. Yes, you can visit them in a day, and I suggest you visit Mutianyu in the morning for two hours, and go to the Ming Tombs in the afternoon for one hour.
Answered by Mr.Ye Wen from India | May. 21, 2009 03:50
Mr Kien,

The anwers are,
1) A car (7 seater) would cost you about 400 RMB (this is for a whole day). (I travel by paying 350 RMB) (Most of the times, the taxi company will take you for a showroom visit - 30 minutes- Silk or any other handicrafts, you are advised, though all these are done for commission, don't refuse because as it helps you to get the first hand knowledge of few things) (Be sophestic when you want say NO)

2) Usually the journey takes about 90 to 120 minutes.

3) Yes, certainly, you can do both the places in a single trip.

4)Visit to both these places will cosume a considerable amount of time. Be prepared to start early. The total 'travel' journey will be about 150-180 minutes. And the total touring time will be about 6-7 hrs (very much subjective).

Answered by Ms.tatty from use | Jun. 06, 2009 22:48
ohh wow, taxi to mutianyu will be sooo expensive, its 60km, translate that to miles your self, i think the chiese do things in km. So If I were you I would go to a travel agency and go with a tour. If you can find a reasonable price for a seven people car ride, I would say NO MORE THAN 200 kuai maybe 250. but thats it. in Amreican money that should be close to $30, not too pricey for us but is for Chinese, so bargain people
Answered by Ms.Tatty from USA | Jun. 06, 2009 22:49
ohh and my estimates are From Beijing
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