Asked by Mr.Scott from England | Dec. 15, 2008 05:38
About:Nanchang Travel

I found Nanchang to be a city in two parts really as it is divided by the river, the old city and CBD on one side and a "new city" on the other side. I stayed in a private home for four weeks in the new city which I found very impressive. Wonderfully modern buildings with much high rise accomodation. Many of the buildings are not completely occupied and many still under constuction. I lived in a two level appartment at the top of a 16 story block in a secure complex of about 8 buildings with a 40 story hotel and secure underground car park. The interior of the apartment was tasefully decorated and with all modern appliences. I went into the old city often for shopping at Walmart but found the Metro shopping centre better for european food; bacon, cheese, biscuits etc. The famous Pavillion is well worth a visit. I also enjoyed the area around the lake but preferred to go across the river to the new city to walk along the "promenade" which has fantastic fountains...go on sunday evening to view with lights and music...its wonderful. I did drive my friends car while I was there but you do need eight sets of eyes to see everything that is going on around you. There are no road rules. Pedestrians cross the roads anytime without watching, motorcycles go the wrong way in one-way systems and so do cars sometimes. Traffic lights are often ignored, four or five vehicles squeeze into two or three lanes and lane markings are a waste of paint. Taxies are in a constant race to get past anything in front of them and just push sideways whenever they want to. Busses often indicate right and turn left. I found the safest way to get along was to follow a bus about one meter behind (any more space and a taxi will push in).
The people are friendly and the food in the small sidewalk restaurants is nourishing and often don't know what you are eating but it is cheap. A worthwhile trip for the day is to LU Shan mountain. Beautiful scenery.Hot Spring, Cable Car, River boat trip.

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Answered by Ms.anonymous from Australia | Dec. 15, 2008 20:06
Mr Scott, sounds like you had a great trip. I'd like to visit the city too, but I would like to know what is the best way to get to Nanchang. Did you take a train from another city or you flew in directly?
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