Asked by SABIR HUSSAIN from United States | May. 04, 2024 14:21
About:24-Hour Visa-Free Transit

I don’t have a Chinese visa, so can I board a flight and fly without a Chinese visa and wait 72 hour

I am a Pakistan Passport holder, currently a J1 visa scholar in the United States. I am basically a student at City University of Hong Kong. I have reserved my flight from Los Angles towards Hong Kong to defend my PhD thesis using Xiamen Airlines. I have 27 27-hour stay at Xiamen Gaoqi International Airport T3, and then the Xiamen Airlines flight will depart towards Hong Kong.
I don’t have a Chinese visa, so can I board a flight and fly without a Chinese visa and wait 72 hours at the same terminal for my Hong Kong Flight?
If not allowed, then can I take a transit visa from the United States as a Pakistani passport holder? Please let me know the procedure for the Transit visa.
I am worried as I need to visit HK soon to defend my PhD thesis and now seeking your suggestions on this matter.
Thank you

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Answered by Borut | May. 06, 2024 03:38
Sabir, unfortunately, you need a Chinese transit (G) visa to be allowed to perform the journey you have bought your ticket for. Pakistani citizens can use 24 hour visa free transit when traveling via China, but when a Pakistani citizen is traveling via Xiamen a visa is necessary regardless of the length of the layover.

Your best bet is to visit Chinese diplomatic mission in Los Angeles and to apply for a transit visa. You will enclose your flight tickets (printouts) as well as your accommodation booking confirmation, enclose your photo(s) and fill out the form. I am more than certain that a visa will be issued to you almost promptly.
Answered by Sabir Hussain | May. 06, 2024 22:20
Thanks a lot for your response. Now Xiamen Airlines giving me another options to reduce layover time by changing another airlines at the same day once I will arrive at Xiamen Gaogi international airport. So my layover time will decrease 13 hours. But problem is due to changing airlines, I need to collect my luggage for another airlines for my Hong Kong destination.
As you are saying, I must need transit visa. So I have printed ticket but don’t have accommodation proof (as I will stay 13 hours in airport) and have Hong Kong reserved ticket (will that work instead of buying accommodation?)
2nd question: how much is cost for buying transit visa.
Thanks for your prompt response. I really appreciate it.

Kind regards,
Answered by Borut from Slovenia | May. 07, 2024 06:41
Yes, you need a visa since a group of different citizenship is required to have one obtained in advance when transiting through Xiamen airport. Pakistani citizenship is, unfortunately, among them.

As far as the details of the price and the duration of the visa issuing process are concerned, you should definitely rely on the information provided by the nearest Chinese diplomatic mission website and its visa office to the place of your current residence in US. There you will see the price and the rest of necessary details. I am sorry for not being able to offer you some more meaningful assistance, but you will really find everything you need on the Chinese diplomatic mission website.
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