Asked by SM09 | Mar. 05, 2024 06:58
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Future potential? F Metal Rooster and M Wood Tiger

I (42, f, metal Rooster) was being pursued by guy (49, m, wood tiger). We recently met but I was a bit pre-occupied and now he says he didn't feel chemistry although we met at a professional setting. I think he felt controlled but tbh, I am pre-occupied with my job situation and visa and have been a bit restrained to start something lest I have to end things soon. Do we have a future? I think he would make a great life partner but am not sure if this is the end.

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Answered by Nathan | Mar. 06, 2024 17:49
You are compatible in Chinese zodiac but this is just for a reference. Sometimes we may meet the right person at wrong time. Who knows it! Anyway, just focus to solve your problems and keep a positive attitude, and you will attract great people.
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