Asked by Tomáš from Slovakia | Dec. 25, 2020 12:04
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Work (Z) visa for myself, but what should my wife do?

Dear all,

I plan to relocate to China when the pandemic conditions improve because I have agreed with the employer about all the necessary condition of my future job. As far as I understand, as a Slovak citizen, I will have to apply for Z visa at Chinese Bratislava embassy to be allowed to travel to China. This will allow me to travel to China and once there, I will apply, with the assistance of my employer, for a Temporary Residence Permit. This is all fine, but having a wife that plans to travel and to live with me in China, I find myself a bit confused. Is there some option that she also apply for some kind of visa that will allow her to travel with me in the same plane to China and to apply for Temporary Residence Permit while in China? Or she has to stay in Slovakia until I get a Temporary Residence Permit and after that apply for some kind of visa that will allow her to join me in China.

Thanks to all for your kind assistance.

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Answered by moha | Dec. 27, 2020 14:19
Hi dear, you have to legalize your marriage certificate, and send it to your employer with your degree and police clearance to include your wife's name in your work permit, and then she can get her family visa and travel with you in the same plan.
Answered by Tomáš | Dec. 28, 2020 10:55
Thank you so much :)

I assume that she will then apply for Q1 "family reunion" visa?

This is such a great information because we would like to relocate in the same time and apply for the temporary residence also in the same time to make things easier and less complicated.

I am just a bit puzzled because almost everywhere is written that this kind of visa is issued to a family member of the foreigner that has permanent residence in China? It is logical that I cannot have and even cannot apply for a permanent residence. Am I right?
Answered by Nancy | Dec. 31, 2020 01:06
She should apply for S1 visa, which is issued to a family member of the foreigner who works or studies in China.
Answered by Tomáš | Dec. 31, 2020 13:19
Nancy, Moha, thank you for your kind answers. Now I know what to do and everything is crystal clear. I just hope that the epidemiological situation will improve during the next year because I would really like to work on the job offered by a Chinese employer. It is all a bit challenging, but we are ready for that. At least we hope so :)
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