Asked by Julia from Germany | Aug. 02, 2020 00:35
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Change to Q Visa in China after marriage

Is it possible to change an L visa to a Q visa IN China after getting married there? Or would I have to leave China to apply for a Q Visa? Would that be possible in Hongkong or any other county nearby? I am an EU citizen. There is no special visa in China to get married, right? (Like it is in Germany).

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Answered by Johannes Ricke from Deutchland | Aug. 02, 2020 07:35
If you are in China now on an L visa, and you marry a Chinese citizen you will be able to change your visa to a residence permit. You’ll need a medical at an official government place, your marriage certificate, your partners hukou, I.d. Card and an invitation letter.
Answered by Julia from Germany | Aug. 02, 2020 21:08
Thank you for your fast reply!

You are saying „now“. I am not. Does the possibility to change from L visa into residence permit have anything to do with the travel ban or is it possible anyway? I need to wait for the end of the travel ban before I can go back to Shanghai.
Answered by Julia from Germany | Aug. 03, 2020 12:09
Thank you for you super fast reply!

So I also asked the Chinese Consulate in Munich about which visa to get to fly to China to marry my Chinese fiancé. I thought I would have to come with a L-Visa before marriage.

They told me I can apply for a S2-Visa to enter China for the marriage with a Chinese citizen and apply for a residence permit once we have the marriage certificate.

Now I am really confused. I thought the S2-Visa is for a longer visit (more than 180days) of a foreigner living in China?
I cant find anything online about this visa type for marriage or even for visiting a Chinese citizen in China.

Do you have any more information?
Answered by Eva from Ireland | Aug. 05, 2020 23:36
Yes, you can apply for an S1 visa, which is also issued to those who have private affairs in China, and I think that you are going to marry should be such a private affair.
Answered by Johannes Ricke from Deutchland | Aug. 07, 2020 06:15
I actually think a S1, or S2 would be difficult to get, they are generally issued for visits to foreigners holding residence permits. It would be much easier to get a L visa, which you can get married with. You need a valid visa, temporary residence registration, and an affidavit/affirmation to prove you’re eligible to marry i.e. not already married. You get this from your country’s embassy/consulate in China, or you may be able to get it in Germany before you travel. After you’re married you should be able to get a residence permit, though as you’ll still have a L visa, it shouldn’t be urgent. When you apply it simply depends on the official at the entry exit bureau, and what mood he may be in that day. He decides.
Answered by Johannes Ricke from Deutchland | Aug. 07, 2020 06:23
By the way, you should apply for S2 first, and if that is refused you can get the L. The S2 can definitely be changed to a residence permit after marriage, the L is a ‘probable’, and may only be during the travel ban, as you suggest. Anyway, you have lots of time before the travel ban is lifted. Sorry for any confusion, and good luck!
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