Asked by R. | May. 19, 2020 04:06
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Business visa extension

I have a business visa valid till November'2021, with a period of stay of 60-days, so I have to leave the country every 60 days. I was supposed to leave on the 6th of April, but all the visas were automatically extended for a 2-months period. Now I have to leave on June 5th, but there are no flights, and even if I manage to leave, I won't be allowed to come back to China, since they don't allow foreigners at the moment.
I was told I can go to PSB and get a 30-day visa extension, but does that mean it will void my original business visa?

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Answered by Sammy from United Kingdom | May. 20, 2020 22:52
Yes, based on what I know, if you get this 1-month extension, your original visa will be voided.
Answered by Yu | Jul. 02, 2020 22:31
Gonna answer my own question, maybe it will be useful for someone: Got a 60-day extension, and it did not affect the original visa, it wasn't annuled or anything like that.
Answered by mac from Scotland | Jul. 03, 2020 07:16
they dont cancel your visa, you get an extension for another 60days on a biz visa or depends on the lenght of your stay per visit on your visa. this is in Zhuhai psb. also multiple entry tourist L visa can be extended for 30days. i know because i just did it yesterday and my friends also. good luck.
Answered by Jason from China | Jul. 05, 2020 18:03
There is no guarantee of any visas being extended or renewed. Plan ahead for the worst! There are countless posts here proving that. From personal experience (in Guangdong) and that of friends around China, tourist L visas wont be renewed or extended beyond your "stay" period due to flights leaving China everyday now. For other visa types, it depends... there is a totally new visa application process now and they require much more documented information, medical check at hospital, bio metrics, visa sticker photo etc. If you apply and are granted a new visa, your current visa will be cancelled (obviously, you cannot have 2 visas at once). If it is family related, they aren't issuing long term visas now, only short 30-120 maximum validity and then you must start the process over and apply for a new visa again. Each time paying 950+ yuan.
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