Asked by Trevor from UK | May. 12, 2020 19:18
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Two month extension

My 90 day limit on my multi entry tourist visa was at the end of April. I was told that I would have a 2 month extension. I therefore assume that I have intil the end of June.
I also understood that there was going to be an announcement on 27th April, but have not heard anything.
Can you clarify the situation please

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Answered by Juliet from USA | May. 13, 2020 21:00
Trevor, your have got the 2-month extension, which means you can stay till the end of June.
Answered by Min from China | May. 14, 2020 16:58
Yes that’s right. Once you get the automatic extension, you are allowed to stay through the end of the extra two months. If the government decides to end the automatic extension now, it will not affect you unless mentioned otherwise.
Answered by james84 from usa | May. 18, 2020 05:11
I see lots of questions about visa extensions, so I wanted to share my experience with getting mine this week. First off, my visa *was* a 10 year Q2 with 120 days each stay. Keep in mind that I've been married to a Chinese person for 10 years and lived in Shenzhen for 15 years (now retired).

The appointment function on the website did not work (tried multiple times to no avail), so I went there and stood in line at the reception desk with about 50 other people, in a room with about another 100 people waiting for interviews, several of which, including kids and babies(!), were not wearing masks (I know, not exactly a "safe" space). I watched the reception people handing out pamphlets to everyone in line like candy on Halloween directing people to go to the official govt hospital for a 5 point full body medical check before proceeding with the visa process. Why? And why now after 15 years?! No explanation given (only a tone and look of how dare you ask such a question sir!). Then you'll need to fill out about 5 different forms explaining your life story (literally), provide a residence permit, passport photos etc., have another mandatory photo taken in the waiting room (for a fee, of course), take a number and wait in line for an hour. Interview. If approved, your current visa will be cancelled regardless of how long it is valid for. You will only be issued a visa "extension" valid for the amount of "stay" days listed on your current visa and then you get to do this all over again.

Basically, the old system/all visas issued is being cancelled and a new far more complex system/visas is being implemented. Time to complete= 3 days. Cost= 1775 RMB. Visa validity= 120 days. About the same as my 10 year visa cost. No long term solution in sight (I asked several officials). Absolutely ridiculous.
Answered by Sheila from Ireland | May. 21, 2020 02:46
Should have got a Q1.
Answered by SimonT from USA | May. 22, 2020 01:28
Q1, Q2, L.. matters not. They are cancelling all old visas for the new visa system. Got mine today and its a 0 entry 3 month visa. That is the longest extension available. When this expires, it'll be back to the EEA for another 3 months, every 3 months repeating the process. If I travel outside of China, the visa is void and I will need to apply for a new one from abroad at an embassy. So even if/when the travel bans are lifted, I am now unable to travel. Also, the new visa looks totally different than any of the previous visas and has my photo on the actual sticker on the passport page. Clearly, they're using this travel ban as an excuse to cancel all visas and introduce a new system of entry/exit visa control. Have fun!
Answered by J from Canada | May. 22, 2020 12:42
To [james84 from usa] & [SimonT from USA]:

THANK YOU for your VERY PRECISE & REAL-LIFE answers from your real-life experiences at the Visa office in China. There are SOOOOO many inaccurate and incorrect answers and information here posted by other users writing things based on "what they heard" or "oh, i think". The answers from you two cleared away SOOOO MANY inaccuracies(!), and i now know what to expect. Really appreciate your sharing here!

Going to the visa office this Monday for a visa extension. Wish me luck! (and wish EVERYONE here the very best luck with it too! :)
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