Asked by maur from Canada | Oct. 22, 2019 06:07
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curious question

i did the compatibility test on the site for myself and a lady I know - just out of curiosity -- the printout -- said the following

70% (Well Suited)

You need a long-time preparation and running-in to adapt to each other and your marriage life. The male sheep is gentle, polite and very curious, while the female dragon is energetic, ambitious and charming. The male sheep is infatuated by the female dragon's beauty, and the female dragon loves the male sheep's frankness and kindness. However, the male sheep often behaves conservatively and can't satisfy the female dragon's desire for adventure. Oppositely, the female dragon's forwardness and impatience also make the male sheep bothering.

but when i look at the cross matched evaluation of couples -- it says sheep and dragon are a terrible match -

I am a bit confused -- why is there a disparity ?

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Answered by Joan from USA | Oct. 31, 2019 18:59
Well, the Chinese zodiac prediction is only a reference for your love relationship.
You just need to follow your heart and obey your true feelings. There are several ways to improve the love life. Showing more understanding and patience to each other will be a good way.
Thus you don't need to worry about the love compatibility index.
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