Asked by Kathleen Ingeborg from United Kingdom | Feb. 04, 2019 02:16
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Finance in 2019 for a 1962 Tiger

Hello there - I am a 1962 Tiger and I am at the lowest point in my life. I want to have a home of my own, but I have invested all the money from the sale of my home some years ago in my Son's (06/02/97) business and also living and travelling. I have a business opportunity to represent an amazing (Ox) Chinese chef but I am scared that I will not get him the renown he deserves. I feel useless without the security of money behind me.

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Answered by Tess from USA | Feb. 06, 2019 07:46
I’m a 1962 tiger as well. This past 12 year cycle has been awful for me as well. I look forward to the new cycle.
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