Asked by Mmapitso from South Africa | Aug. 12, 2018 22:45
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How do i know that he loves?

My name is Mmapitso im 26 years of age i was in 1992-01-28. My boyfriends name is Daniel and he's 32 years of age he was born on 1985-02-22. We always fighting because i think he cheats on me . I sometimes feel like he's cheating and i feel really small about that pls help cause we love each other despite the fights we have. How do i handle the relationship

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Answered by Cathy from USA | Aug. 12, 2018 23:49
Dear, calm down and relax yourself. If you cannot find the evidence that he cheats you, please stop being suspicious. Your actions are hurting your love relationship and push him more and more far away from you. Calm down! Have a good talk with him and if he give promise to you that he love you only, Just forget the past and seek more chance to create new happy memories, such as traveling.
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