Asked by J. Johnson from United States | Jan. 15, 2018 06:23
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February 9, 1960, 7:15pm. I had major setbacks in almost every area of my life;

I would like to know if I will receive a huge windfall this year, and if so how much and when. I also was in a car accident, that left me limited and causing other health issues. Will my overall health improve? I have not dated in over twenty-something-years, will I finally find someone special and if so when? Thank you.

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Answered by Kennedy from France | Jan. 15, 2018 20:18
The prediction indicates that Feburary will be a lucky month for you to earn some extra money. Maybe you can try to buy lotteries. Keep a healthy eating habit and you won’t be bothered by health issues. As for love, you could see things getting better by meeting suitable people in the second half of the year.
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