Asked by Carrie from Belgium | Dec. 08, 2017 15:36
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Will I find a job and true love in 2018?

Hello! I'm a Sheep (born in 1991) and can't find a proper job after graduation. Can you please tell me if this is finally going to happen in 2018? And.. When I will find true love? Currently I have a huge crush on a guy (he's a Horse), but I'm too afraid to make a move. Do you think I should go after it? Or is it not a match made in heaven? Haha :-)

Thanks in advance! Best wishes, a 20 something girl

Answers (1)
Answered by Lilian from France | Dec. 11, 2017 03:56
Hey, Carries, don't be so upset. According to the prediction, you still have several chances to find a suitable job. Feb., Oct. and Nov. will be your lucky months to find a job. About your love relationship, it will be ok for you to make a move and express your love bravely. It's predicted that the result will be good. :)
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