Asked by Anonymous from United States | Nov. 08, 2017 15:24
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Should I try to be with my ex? I was born 28 may 1990. He was born 27 August 1989.

I don’t remember the times he was born or the time I was born. But we broke up about 3 weeks ago. It was mutual but also I still loved him and would stay with him for love. This is not his style however. When we broke up we left on good terms. We told each other that if we ever needed help or anything that the other person would always be there. He’s supposed to help me with my business that I’m opening soon, but he hasn’t helped me yet and I’m afraid to talk to him. I miss him so much. I’ve never felt heart break before and this was a huge change for me, emotionally and mentally, it feels like I’m going through the stages of losing someone that’s passed away. Anyways, I don’t know how he feels. I know he cares about his own businesses more than anything. So, do I contact him? Or do I let him go?

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Answered by Yoyo from Canada | Nov. 08, 2017 19:25
I myself is a Horse and my husband is a Snake. It's the ninth year since we were together. Arguments cannot be totally avoided, but we could generally get along well. You mentioned that you still love him, and I believe he may have the same feeling, but hesitates to contact you. So I suggest you try to contact him. Ask him to help you, and let him know your affections. Then you two may have another chance.

Good luck!
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