Asked by Ezzy from United States | Sep. 26, 2017 12:33
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Will my ex and I get back together?

I always felt my Ex who is a Wood Rabbit born 4/19/1975 and I a Metal Monkey born 9/12/1980 were somehow meant to be but our timing just wasn't right. I have been waiting and not fallen in love with anyone else hoping we would eventually get back together one day. Now was I right or am I just being delusional.

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Answered by Peter from Australia | Sep. 26, 2017 14:52
You should know that people with certain astrological signs are not meant to get along with each other. Two people could fall in love, sometimes at the drop of a hat. Yet fancying someone and also being able to maintain an acceptable relationship are two different matters. You already say that he is your ex boyfriend. An ancient saying tells us that we will repeat the same mistakes over and over again until we learn the lesson that life wants to teach us. The lesson here for you is that a man with a yearly Wood element cannot get along with a woman who has an yearly Metal element, for the simple reason that metal cuts wood, and he stands to lose and get hurt from such a relationship. There are historical cases, for example the Hollywood actress Elizabeth Taylor, who was twice married to actor Richard Burton. Alas, their marriages didn’t last. You delude yourself for the second time. Find a man born in 1972, with Sun in Taurus or Capricorn. He would be your best match. Another best match would be a man born in 1988, with Sun in Taurus or Capricorn. A second best match for you would be 4 years apart from your date of birth. Always pay attention to his sun sign. Because your yearly sign was Metal, you could only benefit from a man whose yearly element is Earth. A man, whose yearly element is water, benefits from you. You stand to win in the next two years, as these years will have Earth element. Good luck to you.
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