Asked by mala from Canada | Aug. 17, 2017 16:41
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Anticipating a better year in 2018 following a difficult 2017

Hello. I've experienced a very challenging year so far - I'm a water rabbit, and after reading the promising forecasts for 2018, I have this question:

After losing my job earlier this year, I'm considering fulfilling my dream of starting my own business. According to predictions, 2018 promises success. However, would I be right to start making preparation for the business now and launch next year - as opposed to waiting altogether.
Many thanks.

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Answered by Peter from Australia | Aug. 18, 2017 00:42
As a Water Rabbit, you had much trouble last year and this year. This year is also our opposite year, and nothing happens the way you would like. You shouldn't make any plans this year. Wait until the year of the Earth Dog (2018) starts. I wouldn't recommend for you to open your own business. You want to fulfill your dream, but dreams are just that: dreams. Unless I see your date of birth (and I could see you have some fire elements in your chart), I won't advise you to open any business. The element for next year is going to be Earth, and your yearly element is Water. Water and soil make mud, not a good environment for any business. Good luck to you.
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