Asked by Meies from USA | Jul. 22, 2017 13:06
About:Year of the Rooster

Earth Rooster looking for stability: I was born in SF, California on April 5, 1969

I've read some horoscopes that say this year is a bad one for Roosters, others that say it's not so bad - what does my life luck look like, and what can I do to plan for ease and stability in my life?

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Answered by Peter from Australia | Jul. 22, 2017 23:27
What you've heard is true. Rooster years are bad years for people born in the year of the Rooster.
Because you were born in the year of the Earth Rooster, you stand to benefit somehow from this year. You will be lucky and will find love this year, if you are not already married. You have no motives to fear that anything may go wrong in your life, as long as you surround yourself with people you get along with. This is your best year in 12 years, so cash in, and take advantage of it.
Good luck to you.
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