Asked by Bethany from USA | Jun. 12, 2017 12:38
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Should I continue to persue this relationship and will it last?

I am separated and so is he. I am a wood Dragon, 9-18-76 and he is a Pig (sign only) 4-1-71. We both will be going through a divorce soon and the details of our situations mirror each other...he's having a hard time and confused emotionally. We met completely by chance..butterfly effect...

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Answered by Frank from USA | Jun. 14, 2017 22:09
In general, you will have a harmonious relationship with each other. However, both of you have just ended a relationship, which is not wise to develop a new relationship immediately. You may keep calm and rational to judge the relationship between you. Do not rush to make the decision. Hope you can be happiness.
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