Asked by Aa from Bb | Jun. 06, 2017 06:56
About:Year of the Tiger

My birthday is April 22, 1974 and my husband birthday is March 13, 1972.

Is this a good year for us to do business together and when is a good date and month for us to sign contacts and open?

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Answered by Peter from Australia | Jun. 06, 2017 07:56
It is a good year for you to open a business. If you both want to have a family business, then you should wait until 2018 so both of you would be blessed. Don’t forget that while the two of you make perfect partners, it will be always you who will benefit from your husband. This is so, because your yearly element was Wood, and his element was Water. And Wood always benefits from Water. If you still want to go ahead and open this year, my advice to you is to choose a time when there is full moon, and open at a time when Jupiter would be in the 2nd House of that business. In three days from now there will be full Moon so you have the chance. If not wait for 28 more days after that. If you open at 11 am your local hour in one of the next four days, Jupiter will be in the 2nd House of the business. Good luck to both of you.
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