Asked by rita from USA | Mar. 27, 2017 21:53
About:Year of the Ox

Any strong positive or negative points I should look out in 2017?

Born 1985 May 25th. 13:25

Female. Married. Business owner. Any suggestions career wise? What turn my marriage going to take? Husband 1961 October 3

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Answered by Peter from Australia | Mar. 28, 2017 06:49
At the moment you feel re-energized and can implement business plans. You are also lucky, and your brain activity increases, so you can assess the new plans you are making. Difficulties you had in the past will vanish this year, and your financial fortune will increase. Be careful, because you run the risk of ending your marriage, as you will fall in love with someone else. This is Pluto’s work, making a bad aspect to your natal Venus, and Pluto transits slowly. At this time you need a lot of freedom in your actions. You have a fascinating and extraordinary character. You could work in the service industries, or in the oil industry. Do not work with gold. Protect your lungs and stomach. You don’t have planets in water signs, so you lack compassion. You can only learn from your own experience. You like to spend time at busy places. You need to become more serious and more stable. Get rid of your self-reproach, as this can make you ill. Be careful because your husband was born in a year with Metal element, and as Metal cuts Wood (you had Wood element) you could be in real danger, if he thinks you betray him. You are a good communicator, advisor, or lecturer. Astrologically, there is not a good match between you and your husband, yet you could keep your marriage with lots of extra efforts. As you have 84% male qualities you will take bold actions. Your luck will improve for the next 4 years. You are meant to live a long life. As your Saturn return ends, you have probably already planed a new direction with your life, as Saturn return has this extraordinary influence on every one of us. Good luck to you.
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