Asked by judz from philippines | Mar. 05, 2017 08:26
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hi my DOB is june 17,1987 7:00am i wanted to know what is the best dates this year for me to open a branch of my business

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Answered by Peter from Australia | Mar. 05, 2017 22:07
Because at the moment, transiting Uranus through your 10th House of Career makes a harmonious aspect to your natal Jupiter, there will be changes in your managerial affairs. You will experience sudden and advantageous connections with prominent people. At this time you will negotiate well. You will come across sudden recognition or success. Your natal Sun was in the 12th House, so you will have great success in a job carried behind the scenes. Your friends will be of great help to you, as your natal Venus was in the 11th House of Friendship. You are a classy person, as you had four retrograde planets in your natal chart. To get the benefit of the full moon in the chart of your new branch of business, if you wait for about five days from now, and on the 10th or on 11th of March 2017, at 12 midday, Manila time, you open the new branch. It will have Sun, Mercury and Venus in its 10th House, so it will be very lucky entity. Good luck.
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