Asked by Ahsan from Canada | Jan. 30, 2017 09:23
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How will 2017 be? I was born Jan 27, 1986

I was born on Jan 27, 1986. I have been having some financial difficulties since the past 2 years. I want to know if there is a job change in 2017 and will I see improvement this year financially and generally. My partners DOB is Feb 02, 1987.

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Answered by Peter from Australia | Feb. 01, 2017 06:30
You were born in the year of the Wood Ox and your partner was born in the year of the Fire Rabbit. You two are well matched astrologically. You had your opposite year in 2015, so I’m not surprised by your complaint about losing money. 2017 will be a good year for you on all fronts. You will do well in your career, you will make money, and you will have a happy love life. I cannot say the same thing about your partner, who will experience an opposite year. There will be lots of obstacle, and only in 2018 will your partner get a better deal. Good luck to both of you.
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