Asked by Bouba from Lebanon | Jan. 27, 2017 04:51
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Future reading for Female Ox

I was born on 21 December 1973 at 5:45 am , in Beirut - Lebanon.
I want to know about career, wealth & romance in 2017 & beyond.

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Answered by Peter from Australia | Jan. 27, 2017 20:02
Your career will prosper in 2017. Your finances will increase, and your romance will blossom. When I look at your natal chart, I see that you will travel abroad. You like an intellectual man. You will have ups and downs in life. You will have financial luck and material success. Your natal Saturn in your 7th House of Marriage was also afflicted, so you won’t be lucky in marriage. Sometime in your life, your career will be in deep crisis. You have a problematic femininity. Beware of any groups, as they can deceive you, because your natal Neptune was in your 12th House. Your weak point is your liver and your lumbar vertebrae. You are a passionate woman. You make a good manager and a good administrator. You will only find your balance in marriage. You had natal Venus conjunct natal Jupiter, so you will have good fortune, will be successful and be happy. You will be seen as a success, when you go to lavish weddings. As you had Neptune on your Ascendant, you love luxury. Seeing that you had an afflicted Uranus in the 11th House, beware of some of your friends, as they could be treacherous. Also, be careful, because you may have impractical social ideals, which do not correspond to the place in which you are living. 2020 and 2021 will be the best years for you in 12 years. Good luck.
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