Asked by Tina from USA | Jan. 25, 2017 20:13
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Fire Rooster Turning 60 this year: Will I finally find everlasting love?

Hi! Thank you for this beautiful site and helpful info! I've been alone for over 17 years and am so tired of it. Work has been very busy and keeps getting busier. Everything else is ok except I would like more time to exercise and enjoy life. I read the predictions for Roosters this year, but can't help wonder if being a Fire Rooster in a Fire Year of the Rooster might influence things in my favor. Right now the outlook for me looks very promising in my life, with the exception of love and of course, neverending work that monopolizes most of my time. I work for an Ox and a Snake and am feeling so blessed! What do you think? How about 2018?

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Answered by Peter from Australia | Jan. 25, 2017 20:58
We thank you for your kind remarks about this site. Fire Roosters can move mountains, as you might say. The wife of an International renown and extremely successful musician, whom I won’t name, is a Fire Rooster, and she is the organizer of all his activities. What do you have for breakfast, since you can do so many wonderful things? You have already been blessed to work with compatible people around you. Other people are not so lucky. 2017 will provide you with wonderful opportunities, on all fronts, except in health, to which you may have to pay close attention. It would be hard for you to find everlasting love, since Rooster personality pays attention to every little detail, and who could stand the scrutinizing eyes of a Rooster? And to be more philosophical, we humans are only mortals. You could try to find a man born in 1965, with whom you could make the perfect match, and be happy together. Being born in a Fire year, your energy is going to get to a higher level in 2017 (another Fire year). So you may need to channel carefully this extra energy as not to burn your feathers, so to speak. 2018 and 2019 will be two demanding years for you, in which you are required to put extra work for the same pay. Good luck.
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