Asked by Chai from New Zealand | Jan. 02, 2017 00:38
About:Year of the Sheep / Goat / Ram

What does 2017 have in store for me? DOB 12/8/1979 Leo, sheep, earth

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Answered by Peter from Australia | Jan. 02, 2017 05:29
As long as you don't expect the sky to be the limit for your accomplishments in 2017, everything will work fine for you, with the exception of your career. You will experience some ups and downs in your career, and may have to transfer with your job. Avoid any disputes with members of your family. Because this will be a Fire Rooster year, and your element is Earth, somehow you will benefit from 2017 without any suffering or pain. Just pay attention to your health, and respect the 8 hours of relaxation every day, eat wholesome food and don't smoke. Also don't drink, and don't take anything which may affect negatively your health. Your love life will be positive. Good luck.
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