Asked by Melquiades Cambonga from Philippines | Dec. 02, 2016 05:25
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My name is mel i born april 28,1990) while my partner born June 19 1993.

I born april 28,1990 while my partner born June 19,1993. Any advice for the both of us about career and love.

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Answered by Rachel from Denmark | Dec. 04, 2016 20:47
The development in career should be your major aim in the coming year. It is suggested you make full use of resource around you to achieve progress at work.
As for your partner, there might be many problems at work. It is advised to keep calm. There will always be a way out. No need for too much concern.
Your love life is going to have some good development in the coming year. If you are ready, you may even consider getting married next year.
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