Asked by Veronique from USA | Dec. 02, 2016 02:37
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Area we compatible marriage through thick and thin? When is the best time for us to get married?

I am a female rat born july 1984. My partner is a male horse born 1990. We plan on getting married in the next couple years. We know our signs are the worse to be together. We fight seldomly but in the end, we have patience, listen, and understand each other.

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Answered by Tammy from Spain | Dec. 04, 2016 21:04
Veronique, patience, listen, and understand are the most important factors when maintaining a long term relationship. Keep doing so and you can have a sweet marriage life.
If you are ready, you can consider holding a wedding in February or March in 2017. Here are some auspicious dates:
Feb: 9, 13, 25, 27
Mar: 5, 9, 10, 24
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