Asked by veevee from South Africa | Nov. 30, 2016 10:12
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My date of birth 18 may 1986,sunday,8pm

i am a university graduate since 2009 but i cant seem to find a decent job and i have been unemployed for 2 years now and just gave birth to a baby boy last year november(my first child).i am still in a relationship with the father of my child even though its difficult because we are not financially stable and we both dont have stable jobs(he is working a temporary job) and its frustrating to me not to be able to what i will like to know is the year ahead which is 2017,i want to know if our relationship is going to last and career wise, whether i will be able to find a job in 2017. The father of my child's birthday is 23 march 1990

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Answered by Peter from Australia | Nov. 30, 2016 19:27
You and your husband are well matched. This year it was your opposite year, and you suffered from so many scares. From next year, your life will start to improve, as you will find a job, and improve a lot your financial situation, compared to as it is now. Your son will get along better with his father than with you. You were born at the hour of the Dog (7-9 pm) so, you are a capable woman, and you will have your own business without any help from others. At times you could be too proud and in a hurry. You don’t care about other people, and will have an amazing life. Your unlucky ages will be at 35, 38, 48, and 55. You will live into your 80’s. You can have a good business, which deals with metals or agricultural products. Do not work with fire. Your man will also start improving his job prospects starting from February 2017. You two will have a bright future together since Tiger and Horse are very compatible astrological signs. Good luck to the three of you.
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