Asked by Dominique Braun from Australia | Nov. 22, 2016 14:05
About:China Visa Application Procedure and Fee

How long can I stay in China with a 1year multi entry visa before I must exit to reenter? 2 months?

I want to live as a tourist in China for a year and will apply for a 1 year multiple entry visa. My understanding is that I will need to exit the country ever so often and re-enter during that year. When I apply will I need to show proof of a ticket leaving China? And how long can I stay in China before I need to leave and reenter during that year? Every 2 months? Would really appreciate some help with this!

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Answered by Aileen from Indonesia | Nov. 22, 2016 21:39
Dominique, you need to show the flight tickets of your first entry for China.
How long you can stay in China after each entry mainly depends on duration of stay of your tourist L type. The duration of stay may be 30 days, or 60 days. I cannot tell you for sure.
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