Asked by SAGITTARIANTIGER | Nov. 09, 2016 03:32
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what are the lucky colors and numbers of the sagittarian tiger?

And also lucky colors and numbers for sagittarius alone and lucky colors and numbers for this zodiac sign alone? I also read that this year is especially warned for being in direct conflict with the Tai Sui or god of the year. It also said that I have to carry the Tai Sui coin or the 5 element amulet charm. Are there any cheaper alternatives for these? It also says that people with this sign will be facing risk brought about by the Misfortune Star number 5. How can I oppose this? I also have to place an image or figurine of my secret friend (boar) in my living room or work desk for direct support or goodwill towards me. And I also have to surround myself with figurines of my allies (horse and dog) because of this tough year.

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Answered by Albert from Denmark | Nov. 09, 2016 20:14
The lucky color for Sagittarius is light blue and the lucky number is 6.
For tiger people, 1, 3, and 4 are their lucky numbers and grey, blue, white, and orange are the lucky colors.
But to be honest, the prediction is only for your reference. Your life is still in your hand. Be positive and work hard, you can definitely make your life different.
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