Asked by C from USA | Oct. 12, 2016 09:04
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Stay or separate

My fiancé was born in 9/30/1986 and I was born in 1/18/1985. He has been having thoughts of ending the relationship and start a new girl he met in the past month. He is struggling to make the right decision.

According to our birthdays, can we have a long lasting relationship together or should we just separate? I mean I can do almost anything to make it work on my part if it will work out?

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Answered by Peter from Austria | Oct. 12, 2016 17:22
Hi C,
After seeing the astrological charts of both of you I have to say this. You were born in the year of Wood Rat and he was born in the year of the Fire Tiger. Generally, Tigers and rats make good couples. Wood has to burn to keep the Fire burning, so you two are also a match. Alas his Venus was in Scorpio, making him a butterfly (also read weak) when it comes to other women. You had Venus in Pisces, which makes you an “old soul” and a woman with good heart until you realize you are wasting your time with people who don’t deserve your kindness. I’m afraid that what you already saw is true, and you can expect more Don-Giovanni-like behavior from him. Also his Sun was in Libra, while yours was in Capricorn, which is another mismatch. Other couples have lower matching tally than you two, and they are still together. You are his woman, and in the end you have the last say. I wish good luck to both of you.
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