Asked by chan from Singapore | Oct. 11, 2016 22:02
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China snow town/Harbin to Wu Song island

Hi, I am planning to head straight to Wu Song island from China snow town (Xuexiang). Would really appreciate it if you could answer the following questions:

1. Is there bus/train from snow town to wu song island directly? Or do I need to go to Jilin city first and then head to Wu Song island?
2. Between Zetong and Hantun village, which is a better option for staying overnight?


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Answered by Henry from United Kingdom | Oct. 13, 2016 01:06
Oh, there is no direct public transportation between them, and u have to transfer on the way. I suggest you take a bus to Harbin first, for which I remmeber only two schedules are available. Then take a high speed train to Jilin within 2-2.5h. At the Coach Station opposite JL Railway Station, take a bus to reach the island.

For accommodation, Hantun Village can be a good choice and it is also one of the best sites to see the rime.
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