Asked by Julie from USA | Oct. 10, 2016 12:43
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How bad my fortune could be in 2016 and guidance in career?

I was born at 9:40 am on July 24,1978 on Beijing Time.

I had the worst time in the last few months, and felt very sad now. I was wondering whether and how I can feel better. I know it would mean a lot to my family if I can be more successful in career or business. Is there still any chance for me or should I just be settled with what I have now or should I give it a shot and try something new?

My brother was born on Mar 30, 1974. Our relationship has not been so good because of my sister-in-law. I was wondering whether it's helpless and I should give up trying to please them.


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Answered by Peter from Australia | Oct. 10, 2016 20:08
It is true that you have been in a lot of trouble lately with your brothers, sisters, and neighbors. Understand that your brother is married now, and his wife and children are more important to him than you are. Saturn transits now through your 3rd House, and it makes your life miserable. Saturn transited there for the last year, and will still transit for another year and few months. I know this arrangement to live with your relatives is culturally acceptable to you, but what you experience is also true, and you don’t like it. My advice to you is to make some other housing arrangements and move on with your life. They are married now, and have different expectations, and you don’t fit with them anymore. Also transiting Pluto through your 4th House means that until 2022 you will keep moving from one place to another. You had at birth Jupiter and Sun in your 10th House of Career, so you will find luck, ease of working and general good luck coming through your social, and business life. A career in big business is possible. You like to have a family, a home, and have your own children. You are loyal and a fighter when protecting your own interests, or of those you love. You put all your energy to get professional success, be in charge and be somebody. Public life is important to you, and you are craving for other people’s respect. Your financial success is paramount. You will rise to a position of responsibility, but not without uphill struggle and annoyance. Astrologically you got along well with your brother, but you need to make an effort and get rid of your former closeness to him, adopting a different attitude based on mutual respect.
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