Asked by Jessica from Canada | Sep. 14, 2016 04:59
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Start Own Business/Project

I was born in the year of horse (1 sep 1990), and my husband in the year of snake (5 nov 1989). Looking at the description of his fortune for this year, it doesnt seem like this is a good year for us to start a project/business. We're both working at the moment so there's no urgency, but Im wondering when is the best time for us to start? Im also thinking of having another side business on my own apart from this project, when would be advisable for me? Thanks!

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Answered by Swift from Spain | Sep. 17, 2016 21:05
Jessica, it may be a right timing for you to take challenge in career, but your husband is not recommended to make any change. Maybe you can further discuss it and start the project after having a careful plan.
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