Asked by TimS from Germany | May. 26, 2016 17:54
About:72-Hour Visa-Free Transit FAQ

Daft question perhaps (?): Is Taiwan considered a third country in this policy?

The above. Also, can this 72hr stopover be done twice within let's say 6 weeks, i.e. Europe - PRC (up to 72hrs) - Taiwan - Vietnam - PRC (up to 72hrs) - Europe? So what I mean is my long return flight to Asia will go to and from Shanghai with about 6 weeks in between and then I'll have separate tickets for the other flights within Asia. So I guess my question is: Does the 72hr stopover have to be on a combined ticket or can I show the confirmation of a ticket with a different airline for the onward flight from PRC upon arrival?

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Answered by Titus from Netherlands | May. 27, 2016 02:04
Taiwan is regarded as a third region when it speaks of the 72 hour policy. As long as you meet the requirement for the 72 hour free transit, of course, you can use the 72 hour free transit twice within 6 weeks.
And it doesn’t have to be a combined ticket. You can show the confirmation of a ticket with a different airline for the onward flight from PRF upon arrival.
Answered by TimS from Germany | May. 27, 2016 04:07
Thanks Titus, very helpful! I just discovered that it's now up to 144 days, so that's even better :)
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