Asked by PEDESTRIAN | Mar. 30, 2016 18:32
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What is my relationship future and financial status look like this year?

female born 10/01/1988 at 10:44am and boyfriend is 09/26/1989, are we compatible and do you see marriage in the future? how does his job status look this year?

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Answered by Hicks from Italy | Mar. 30, 2016 21:06
If you want to have a sweet marriage, you need to figure out just one thing that is you two have independent thought. Once you have made up your mind, either of you can be easily persuaded. It may cause quarrels. Knowing when to make a compromise is the key to make this relationship go well.

It is predicted that his work performance may give him a promotion. If he gets the chance, the payment would be better. But he should try to avoid risky investments.
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