Asked by Mario from Holland | Mar. 09, 2016 20:07
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overstay and duration

I have a few questions. Firstly, a few months ago I had a double entry visa and I overstayed the second entry for a few days. This was sorted out without problems by the exit entry office and I got a new one (for another month) at that time. The new one, however, mentions the overstay.
Based on that situation:
1. When they see that overstay entry permit, will it have a negative effect on a new application?
2. On the application form I will answer yes on the question if I have ever overstayed before. Is this answer going to have a negative effect on the new application?
3. Can I apply for a new tourist type so shortly, a few months, after the previous ones? Or are they going to wonder about the reasons?
4. If the new one allows me to stay in China for 30 days, does that mean 30 days including or excluding the days of arrival and departure?
Thanks in advance!

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Answered by Burton from USA | Mar. 11, 2016 03:50
1. Mario, it may have minor influence on your new application, but don’t worry!
2. You should be honest. And I don’t think it may cause any big problems.
3. They may wonder the reasons, so you should make full preparation.
4. It is calculated from the date of your entry to PRC and you should exit at the “enter before” date on your visa.
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