Asked by Anthony from United Kingdom | Feb. 02, 2016 05:31
About:Chinese Music

I'm doing a project and am wondering whether the region (North South) affect the tempo of the music?

whether the south (which is warmer) has quicker BPM in their native music than north and if so is there a type I can reference?

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Answered by Wang from China | Feb. 03, 2016 22:03
Anthony, generally, the rhyme in the north is quicker than in the south. The different natural scenery refers to different styles. Mountains and large-scale plateaus are very common in the north, which represents the sense of boldness and energy. The music in this region is often exciting. However, the south brims with water towns, expressing a kind of gentleness. Their style is also mild. You can make a comparison between the flute rhyme in these two regions.
Answered by Ting from Scotland | Feb. 05, 2016 11:35
If you don't mind me asking, what is your project? Do you have a blog for us to see? :)
Answered by Anthony | Feb. 06, 2016 04:43
My project is a research one which is finding out whether a regions temperature and climate affect the tempo (or BPM) of the native (traditional) music they produce. I have chosen China and America as my places and I do not have a blog at the moment.
Answered by jack from India | Feb. 09, 2016 07:20
Hi I am jack, the subject what you have chosen is great. Many secretes are there regarding this matter in olden days. Cause everybody has to play lively and no mics or speakers invented at that time. They had much knowledge about seasons and the pitch of instruments. Keep going you fill find it. Any request mail me. Jack
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