Asked by Kim from Australia | Jan. 31, 2016 02:31
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What does 2016 have install for me? In terms of finance ,health and general luck.

Partner is rooster 26 June 1969
And I am ox 6 sept 1973

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Answered by Kina from Denmark | Feb. 01, 2016 00:32
Your finance isn’t good. You’d better not have any conflict with others in case it causes any financial loss. Your health is ok. Sometimes you might feel down and lonely. However, you won’t have any serious illness.

Your partner has financial gains and losses. If possible, ask him to buy things you need once he has money. In this case, financial losses can be avoided. His health is also fine. Nothing to worry about! His career is very smooth this year. I think he should work harder to achieve his goals.

You two should spend time improving your relationship. It’s said that you might suffer a marriage crisis in 2016.
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