Asked by Jacob from USA | Jan. 27, 2016 19:13
About:72-Hour Visa-Free Transit FAQ

What is the best way to arrange the 72 hour visa free transit?

I'm a little confused about the rules about the destinations.
For example, if you fly from Dallas to Shanghai and stay around 2 days then fly to Seoul for 2 days then back to Dallas, does that meet the requirements? And what about layovers? Let's say that I fly from Dallas but it has a layover in Seoul and then goes straight to Shanghai, can I not fly back to South Korea on the way back even though South Korea was just a layover on my flight from Dallas to Shanghai? Sorry if it's confusing. I guess maybe a better way to ask my question is which is less of a hassle when picking the "3rd" country: Hong Kong or South Korea? Is it easier to fly from Shanghai to Hong Kong then back to America than from Shanghai to Seoul then back to America?

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Answered by Karen from Australia | Jan. 28, 2016 19:18
1. Jacob, if you fly from Dallas to Shanghai and stay there around 2 days, then fly to Seoul, you are eligible for the free transit. As for the policy, your layover refers to the time you stop over in Shanghai and you should assure that it’s less than 72 hour, in this way, you are eligible for the 72 hour free transit.
2. If you fly from Dallas but has a layover in Seoul and then go straight to Shanghai, you cannot fly back to South Korea even though South Korea is only a layover on your flight from Dallas to Shanghai. You should make sure that your last departure country or region is different the next arrival country or region after you transit in a Chinese city.
3. Actually, if you fly from Seoul to Shanghai and then fly to HK or to America direct, you can use the 72 hour free transit.
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