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Who were the people involved with the rise, rule, and fall of the Qin dynasty?

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Answered by Danny from Singapore | Jan. 21, 2016 00:47
Hurry, it's unfair to attribute the rise and fall to some people. However, there are really some people who made great contributions, including Duke Mu, Duke Xiao, King Huiwen, Shangyang, Emperor Shihuangdi, Hu Hai, Xiang Yu and Liubang.

Duke Mu made Qin principality become the most strongest one among all the principality. His descendants Duke Xiao followed his Duke Xiao's steps and saved the state from the decline. He trusted Shang Yang and allowed him to reform. Unfortunately, the successor King Huiwen tore Shang Yang asunder by five carts. However, He put Zhang Yi in an important position. With his efforts, his country became powerful.

Duke Mu and Duke Xiao laid the foundation for the unification of the whole China. Emperor Shihuangdi eventually made it true. However, his successor Hu Hai was incapable. His ruling was eventually overthrown by Liu Bang and Xiang Yu.
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